10 Life Changing Books to Read & Gift


Throughout the course of history there have been some amazing Christian men and women who have sought to use words as a beautiful method for conveying their affections and thoughts of God. These Christian works have especially encouraged us in the Lord, challenged our view of Him, and increased our desire to know Him better according to His Word. These are excellent works to check out and make wonderful gifts for the readers in your life.

  • The Valley of Vision | A gorgeous collection of Puritan prayers. This little work is sure to encourage your prayer life.
  • The Pursuit of God | In this classic, A.W. Tozer explores the glorious attributes of God and the beautiful pursuit of knowing Him. If you or someone you know has been going through a spiritual drought recently, this book will help reawaken the desire to seek and enjoy Him.

  • The Hiding Place | There are very few books (other than the Bible of course) that I reread several times. I’m actually not the best reader so the fact that I go back through this book at least once a year says a lot. Not only is this a historical gem on one of history’s most evil events, but it is a powerful testimony of God’s goodness in the midst of persecution and suffering. Corrie Ten Boom and her family’s resolve to serve and love the Lord and their neighbors during the Holocaust will cause you to weep and revaluate the way you view your circumstances.

  • The Screwtape Letters | C.S. Lewis was a word architect. This thought provoking satirical masterpiece of fiction will cause you to seriously examine your sin struggles and temptations as you read the conversation of an elder demon instructing a younger demon tasked with tripping up his assigned human subject.

  • Mere Christianity | Another Lewis classic, in it, he eloquently defends the Christian faith.

  • Through Gates of Splendor | Elisabeth Elliot recounts the life and actions of her late husband and his team killed while trying to share the Gospel with the Auca Indians of Ecuador in the 1950’s. A very powerful read.

  • Knowing God | J.I. Packer’s work is an excellent and readable systematic theology that explores the nature of God and what He is like in a straightforward, easy to follow, yet profoundly deep way.

  • The Peace Maker | This is a practical life changing read from Ken Sande that has been so helpful to me personally in dealing with conflict and relationships.

  • Risk is Right | There are so many great reads from John Piper we could recommend. This one is a favorite because of its length and subject matter. In only a few pages, Piper delivers a remarkable challenge to those of us living in the mirage of security and safety.

  • Total Truth | If you or someone you know has been struggling with the tension between the secular and the sacred, this work from Nancy Pearcey will be a welcome liberator.

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