Our Favorite Bible Study Resources


We're blessed to live in an age where we are surrounded by so many wonderful Bible study resources. It can be a challenge to sift through them all, so we've put together a list of our favorite go-to resources whenever we're in need of more insight or want to go deeper in the Word.

  • Sonic Light | Dr. Constable began publishing his expository Bible study notes on Sonic Light for his students at Dallas Theological Seminary. Not only are these notes incredible, but this is a completely free resource conveniently available online in PDF format. His notes provide helpful overviews over every book of the Bible, as well as chapter and verse breakdown and insight. 
  • Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible | Originally published in 1706, Matthew Henry's commentary provides an exhaustive look at every verse in the Bible and can be accessed for free online. He is a keen observer and does an excellent job of pointing out what's there in the text and surrounding context.

  • The Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old & New Testament | This is an expository commentary of the entire Bible by the Dallas Theological Seminary faculty. In addition to the verse by verse exposition, there are maps, charts, and diagrams to help you grasp the meanings of any biblical text you are studying.

  • The John MacArthur Study Bible | This study Bible has the personal study notes of Dr. John MacArthur on almost every Scripture. You'll find 25,000 explanatory notes, detailed information, explanation, and helpful insight from Dr. MacArthur's nearly forty years of verse-by-verse study. It's available in a variety of Bible translations and we recommend checking out either the NASB or ESV versions.

  • The ESV Study Bible | This study Bible is also chalked full of fantastic and helpful notes from a team of 95 evangelical Christian scholars and teachers. It also contains maps, illustrations, charts, timelines, articles, and introductions on every book.