The Artistic Life of the Christian


There is a tragedy that occurs for the Christian when we fail to view all areas of living through the glorious lens of the Gospel.

The Soli Deo Gloria life is something we mention often here at KindredSoulCo. But what does that really mean?

“Soli Deo Gloria” is one of five latin phrases used by those who led the Protestant Reformation and means “Glory to God Alone.”

What if you were to approach every task as being produced for the sake of praising God? The Soli Deo Gloria life is not meant to be asked solely of “spiritual things,” rather it recognizes that everything in life ultimately revolves around the singular beauty of praising and adoring our Great Lord and Redeemer in multifaceted opportunities. 

One of our favorite thinkers on the subject is author, Nancy Pearcey. She expounds on this in her book, Total Truth:

How do we break free from the dichotomies that limit God's power in our lives? How can love and service to God become living sparks that light up our whole lives? By discovering a worldview perspective that unifies *both* secular and sacred, public and private, within a single framework. By understanding that all honest work and creative enterprise can be a valid calling from the Lord. And by realizing that there are biblical principles that apply to every field of work. These insights will fill us with purpose, and we will begin to experience the joy that comes from relating to God in and through every dimension of our lives.

Nancy explains that “Christianity is the key that fits the lock of the universe.” 

Christians then, have more reason than anyone else to be artists. However, we are artists who are truly free. Instead of those trapped to the confines of a cotton canvas, we get to paint on the boundless frame of all areas of living. The way we speak, the words we write, the way we work, even down to the way we eat and everywhere else in between—all these are for better painting the picture of His Glory and Worth to a dying hungry dark world. “Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (I Corinthians 10:31)

What would happen if you lived your life with this mindset? Here are five ways the Soli Deo Gloria  perspective impacts the life of the believer:


The Soli Deo Gloria life opens the door to new possibilities for the believer to reflect the image of God and worship Him.


The Soli Deo Gloria life gives meaning to even the most mundane of tasks.


The Soli Deo Gloria life perpetuates joy in the life of the believer.


The Soli Deo Gloria life sustains the believer with a deep feeling of satisfaction that comes from functioning as you were intended prior to the fall.


The Soli Deo Gloria life leads to the marvelous flourishing of the individual and those around them by making much of Christ in all areas of life.

“The God of Christianity does not erase our individual identity but actually affirms it, calling us to become ever more fully the unique individuals we were created to be. Contrary to Eastern mysticism, the goal is not to suppress our desires, but to direct our desires to what truly satisfies—to a passionate love relationship with the ultimate Person.”  - Nancy Pearcey


To delve deeper into this exciting topic, we highly recommend checking out Saving Leonardo or Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey.