The Chaos in Your Christmas


Today might be very hectic for you. Christmas Day is a day we wish especially more than others for peace and happiness. But what if today you face more difficulties, stress, or persecution? Let's look at the chaos surrounding that first Noel and see what encouragement it has to offer us.



We sweetly sing of the “Silent Night” where “all is calm, all is bright,” however, sometimes in doing so we forget that when Christ invaded our darkness in that glorious manger, He did so in the midst of chaos and brokenness. He was coming into His world, and He was greeted with its turmoil, danger, and tragedy. 


The irony and humility: the Son of God willingly took on flesh and made the quantum leap to rescue His rebel world, and guess what? There was no room for Him (Luke 2:7). Joseph and Mary could find no place for His arrival. Instead of a lofty palace, the King of Kings would be born in a stable amongst the stench of animal feces and filth.


There was no room for Him because He was not wanted. In fact, the Messiah’s birth was viewed as a threat to the king and the people (Matthew 2:3). Consider for a moment— this was the great plan of redemption coming to fruition for the weary world and yet it was seen as nothing more than a mere inconvenience to the political powers that be. 

King Herod wanted Him dead and tried in vain to prevent this Messiah from ruling (Matthew 2:16). Only, Herod got one thing majorly wrong...His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36). This Lord of Lords would not seek to take his throne, but seek to make Himself nothing (Philippians 2:6-8).


In the midst of the chaos and danger Christ faced when He entered this world, the Scriptures make it clear that our Lord was Sovereign over all that happened to Him. He was not forgotten, but safely in His Father's care and would be protected so that His rescue mission could be accomplished. Whatever you face today, know that He has not forgotten about you. Christmas is about God invading our darkness. He came down to bring you near. As you reflect on the circumstances surrounding His arrival into His world, may it draw you to lean on the Lord as your all in all—truly, that would be a Merry Christmas.


Read Matthew 2. Take notice of the plot to thwart Christ's arrival and the ways God protected Him.