Washed White as Snow

I love the way new snowfall looks, so pristine, clean, and beautiful. It covers up all that it touches, making everything look new and different. Even something unexciting or ugly, becomes breathtaking and exquisite when covered in fresh snow. This is exactly what God does to us when He saves us—He covers our filthiness and our ugliness in the blood of Christ and makes us new creatures in Him (2 Corinthians 5:17). At the moment of our salvation, Christ imputes His righteousness on us, making us white as snow.

Isaiah 1:18 beautifully paints this picture:

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, ‘Though your sins are as scarlet, They will be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They will be like wool.’”



In this passage, the Lord is speaking specifically to Israel, His chosen people. The people of Israel had turned away from the Lord. “Alas, sinful nation, People weighed down with iniquity, Offspring of evildoers, Sons who act corruptly! They have abandoned the Lord, They have despised the Holy One of Israel, They have turned away from Him (Isaiah 1:4).” God even compares Israel to Sodom and Gomorrah because they had completely turned from God’s holy standards to satisfy their own passions and desires (Isaiah 1:10). 

Israel’s worship towards God had become empty and ritualistic, void of any love and devotion towards Him. They believed they could live however they pleased as long as they made empty sacrifices to the Lord. However, God did not want their empty rituals, He wanted their hearts. In Isaiah, 1:16-20 the Lord calls Israel back to Himself, encouraging Israel to repent of their sin and to worship Him with their whole hearts.


How often do we act the same? We turn from the Lord to our own passions and desires that never satisfy and only leave us empty, and forget our faithful, compassionate Redeemer who is worthy of all glory, honor and praise. For it is only in Jesus Christ that our sin is covered and we are made white as snow. Yet, although snow melts and goes away when the seasons change, God never changes, He never leaves nor forsakes us. When He makes us white as snow and covers us in the righteousness of Christ, it is forever. He forgives all of our sin past, present and future. He does not abandon us when we turn away from Him, but when we sin He graciously draws His children back to Him through repentance (1 John 1:9).


Our souls are prone to wander from the Lord and we are easily swayed to idolatry. When you are tempted and drawn towards sin, reflect on all that Christ has done for you. Remember, that He alone washes away your sin and makes you white as snow. To help you reflect on your own sin and God’s great love read Isaiah 1.